In the last couple of weeks, I started on my Watchlist, and the first movie I watched from it was Inception. And what a way to start; I saw it with a friend, and went out and bought it the next day. It was my first Nolan film, and most certainly won’t be my last. Here is my review of the masterpiece that is Inception:

Inception. Where to begin?

Inception is one of Christopher Nolan’s finest; a thief who steals corporate information by entering people’s dreams is hired to shut down a company by planting an idea in the CEO’s head, in order to buy his way back into America. Think that’s complicated? It’s got nothing on the actual film.

In his film, Nolan plays with the reality of dreams: entering others’ dreams, and the rules of creation in ones’ own dream. But creating ideas in others’ dreams is also possible (known as Inception), as is the theft of ideas (Extraction).

Still not confused? In order to perform inception, one must go further than simply into a person’s dream; rather, they must go into a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream, in order to ensure the idea is planted, as well as plan a wake up call strong enough to make sure they won’t be stuck in their dreams for the rest of their lives.

And then there’s this place called Limbo, where one can be stuck for almost their whole life before waking up.

You can say what you want about Christopher Nolan, but he sure is one hell of a writer. The script is thorough; every detail is considered, as well as ones that would never even be considered. There are twists every few minutes, and you could watch the film 20 times and pick up on something new every time. Having only seen it once myself, I can’t wait to pick up on them all myself.

Cinematically, the movie is stunning; Nolan’s direction is amazing, and Hans Zimmer’s score is perfection. Edith Piaf’s ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’ will never be heard the same way again.

Nolan’s knack for brilliant casting shines once more here; Leonardo DiCaprio is an obvious outstanding choice to play Cobbs, but Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe and Tom Hardy are also standouts in the film. In particular, Marion Cotillard is a fantastic femme fatale as Mal, perfectly complementing DiCaprio’s Cobbs, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Arthur provides information, action and even comic relief in all the right places. How none of these actors were even nominated for an Oscar is beyond me.

Even though it requires a lot of concentration, what results is possibly one of the greatest films of all time, both technically brilliant and crowd pleasing. Its depth encourages people to watch it again and again and though it was my first time watching it this time, it will definitely not be my last.


Below is a list of my five favourite films starring the cast of Inception:

  1. Romeo + Juliet (Leonardo DiCaprio)
  2. 10 Things I Hate About You (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
  3. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Ellen Page)
  4. Kingsman: the Secret Service (Michael Caine)
  5. Now You See Me (Michael Caine)

Also, a public service announcement: Inception refers to planting an idea in someone’s head through dreams, not the sequence of dreams within dreams. This confused me at the beginning, but I quickly learnt. Do not be confused, movie lovers. Know your terminology.

Talk soon,

Jessica x


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