How To Be Single

The latest comedy How To Be Single follows a group of young, single men and women looking for love and trying to find themselves in New York City. Rather than the comedy it was billed as, How To Be Single had more depth; as well as being genuinely funny, it was also quite romantic, and dramatic. More than anything, it was about finding out how you really are in this world, and not defining yourself by your partner or profession: main character Alice (Dakota Johnson) falls in love very quickly, often losing herself when she does; her older sister Meg (Leslie Mann) is an OB-GYN, and barely has enough time for herself, let alone a boyfriend; all Robin (Rebel Wilson) wants to do is party, and Lucy (Alison Brie) is completely obsessed with finding the husband.

Through these characters, the film showed the importance of remembering who you are as a person, and to cherish both the people you love, and the times when you are alone. Though the film was quite clichéd – young people ‘looking for love, living their dreams, finding themselves’ blah blah blah – and didn’t really bring anything new to the topic, it was still a solid romantic comedy – it was actually really funny, not only because of Rebel Wilson’s character but all of them, and had some very amusing insights into the dating lives of 20 somethings, especially for women. It also had an interesting and well-rounded script and storyline, with a satisfying ending, and that, combined with a great contemporary soundtrack and some beautiful shots of New York, made it a pretty solid film.

I actually really liked Dakota Johnson in this movie; though her character wasn’t very well rounded, she was quirky, awkward and relatable, and also funny. Whilst Rebel Wilson tends to play the same character in every movie, she was still funny too, and had great chemistry with Johnson and the rest of the cast. Leslie Mann’s Meg was neurotic, but also hilarious, and her relationship with Ken (Jake Lacy) was lovely to watch on the screen.  And Lucy and Tom’s (Alison Brie and Anders Holm) will-they-won’t-they relationship was nice to watch, and it was great to see Tom’s character develop and become more open to love.

How To Be Single may have been a typical, cliché film about 20-somethings in New York, but that shouldn’t rule it out from being a good movie. With a fun cast, solid story and great themes about coming into yourself and finding who you are, How To Be Single was a pleasantly surprising day out at the movies.


And here’s my list of the top five films starring the cast of How To Be Single:

  1. 21 Jump Street – Dakota Johnson
  2. Pitch Perfect – Rebel Wilson
  3. Community – Alison Brie
  4. Big Hero 6 – Damon Wayans Jr.
  5. Jason Mantzoukas – Parks and Recreation.

Talk soon,

Jessica x


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