When it was announced two years ago, the new Ghostbusters reboot was condemned almost immediately, creating a seemingly endless onslaught of hate and doubt online as to whether or not it would be any good. So, what’s the best way to get revenge on haters? Delivering the goods, of course.

After a series of ghost sightings across New York, physicists and childhood friends Abby and Erin (Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig) are reunited, and with the help of engineer Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and Patty (Leslie Jones), they form a team to fight the ghosts and save New York from disaster. Who you gonna call?

As the main cast suggests, all being either SNL alums or regular Paul Feig collaborators, Ghostbusters was really very funny, setting a nice tone for a film that wasn’t riotous every second, but continuously amusing and enjoyable. This allowed the bigger gags to get more laughs, with possessions and equipment fails tickling the funny bone, but it didn’t sacrifice what made Ghostbusters truly enjoyable: its characters. Erin, Holtzmann, Abby and Patty were lovably goofy and awkward, as well as laugh out loud funny, and Wiig, Jones, McCarthy and McKinnon had such great chemistry together. Yes, women can be funny.

Of course, they’re not the only members of this ensemble; Chris Hemsworth was hilarious as Kevin, the Ghostbusters’ well-meaning yet very idiotic beefcake receptionist. Hemsworth was a highlight as he showed off his comedic chops in a very self-deprecating way, from hide and seek tournaments to dance sequences, holding his own very well with the experienced comedians around him.


But more than just being funny, these four women are also really good friends, something which is rarely seen onscreen. Instead of competing with each other, the Ghostbusters support each other and their belief in the paranormal, and their history together and experiences make their quest for scientific recognition even more heartfelt and meaningful, without ever being cheesy. The film doesn’t capitalise on the friendship for plot, instead making it normal, allowing us to focus more on the ghostbusting.

Because these ghostbusters kicked ass! From creepy aristocrats in mansions to convicts in the subway, there was plenty of busting to be done, culminating in a badass foggy ghost fight, where it was truly awesome to see these women not only fight the ghosts, but fight well. The updated tech was also fun, with new guns and grenades and all manners of ways to fight being introduced, and IF there’s a sequel (whether or not it’s needed) it will be fun to see where they take the technology.


I’m not saying Ghostbusters was a perfect film; it had its share of jokes that didn’t quite land, and, though it had inventive aspects, the plot was kind of formulaic. Regardless, Ghostbusters wasn’t the failure it was pegged to be when it was first announced. The cast and script were funny, the ghosts were scary, the storyline was interesting, and the fight scenes were kickass – just like the original. In saying that, it’s difficult to compare the two: they were made in completely different eras and had very different styles of comedy, both of which are funny and successful in their respective movies and times. There was an audience for the original Ghostbusters, and there should be an audience for the new one, as it certainly succeeds as an action-comedy summer blockbuster. The fact that it’s female-led just makes it even better.


Here’s my top five favourite films and TV shows starring the cast of Ghostbusters:

  1. Gilmore Girls – Melissa McCarthy
  2. The Martian – Kristen Wiig
  3. The Avengers – Chris Hemsworth
  4. Finding Dory – Kate McKinnon
  5. SNL – Everyone, pretty much

Talk soon,

Jessica x

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