Top Five: Star Wars Characters

Loved for more than just its epic sci-fi, tense drama and great score, one of the best parts of the Star Wars films – and my favourite part – is the huge collection of different characters that have made their impact on the stories and touched the hearts of viewers. From witty good guys to classic baddies, everyone has their favourites, whether they’re from the original trilogy, the prequels or even the latest episode – and I wrote a list about mine! Though I’m sure Rogue One will give us some awesome characters, here for you (and to make up for my lack of Star Wars review today – I’m sorry! But this still counts for Star Wars Week) is my Top Five Favourite Star Wars characters:

1. Princess/General Leia (A.K.A. The Most Kickass)

She’s an orphan, a sister, a princess, a rebel, and now a general: not only has Leia done it all, but she’s an incredible leader and a kind friend. Where Luke is often whiny like his father, Leia definitely takes after her mother; she’s such a strong person in the face of duty, even watching her home planet and family blown up by the First Death Star, and has never been tempted by the Dark Side once. She’s an awesome role model, given such great personality by Carrie Fisher, and she’s one of the strongest characters in the universe.

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi (A.K.A. The Most Loyal)

Even from his appearance in A New Hope, you could just tell that Obi-Wan has got a story worth telling, and the prequels are made worthwhile just for his character. A skilled Jedi with a big heart, Obi-Wan is kind and composed, but also instinctive and emotional, his compassion for protecting people going beyond his sense of duty. His mentor relationship with Luke is brought into greater light when you consider his friendship with Anakin, and his relationship with the Skywalkers is heartbreaking and heartwarming, but Obi-San remains loyal the entire time. Alec Guinness’ brief portrayal made a lasting impression, but it is Ewan McGregor who brought the character to the forefront, making him one of my all time favourite characters.

3. Kylo Ren (A.K.A. The Most Villainous)

Kylo Ren is, in my opinion, the strongest villain in the Star Wars franchise. Darth Vader may trump him from iconicness, but Kylo not only comes from one of the greatest power couples of all time, but also some of the greatest good guys of all time. What made him really turn bad? Was it Luke, or a grandfatherly pull to the Dark Side? Why does he harbour so much anger? The drama and sadness he causes everyone around him in The Force Awakens is enough to foreshadow a great backstory and arc to come., and his fighting style is super badass (that chest-pounding blood but in the finale? AMAZING). Even if the inevitable answers to this question aren’t satisfying enough, Adam Driver’s smoky, cool-rage fuelled performance of Kylo is possibly the greatest performance in a Star Wars movie to date, AND his lightsaber and mask are the coolest. I have no (very little) doubt that he will be the greatest villain of the series.

4. Padme Amidala (A.K.A. Please Hear Me Out)

Natalie Portman may have been young, the movies might not have been great, and the Revenge of the Sith didn’t give her a great storyline, but Padme is one of my favourite characters from the series. Having grown up during the release of the prequel trilogy, Padme was the character that I looked up to: she was a Queen, and a Senator, was just as powerful as Anakin through her politics and had a very commanding presence. She also looked extremely cool while doing it, in some beautifully elaborate costumes, and even died for her true love. She was my role model during my childhood, and she’ll always have a special place in my heart.

5. Rey (A.K.A. My Current Role Model)

My heart sings at the fact that the heart of the next trilogy of Star Wars movies is an intelligent, strong woman. As a skilled scavenger and pilot and homegrown warrior, Rey is stronger than she knows – she survives on a dangerous, corrupt planet, living there only in the hope of the return of her family – her guilt for leaving is incredible, but she survives it, because she knows she’s needed. She manages to fly the Millennium Falcon, and even survives a battle with Kylo Ren – to those who those who call her a Mary Jane (A.K.A. a character who is good at everything for no reason and doesn’t struggle), she’s certainly not perfect at everything, and she’s struggled plenty on Jakku – just like Luke in A New Hope. And if rumour is right, we’ll only see her struggle more as she learns the ways of the Force from an embattled Luke. She has my heart already, and I still can’t wait to see more of her in Episode VIII.

Who are your favourite characters? Let me know and we can fight it out in the comments!

Talk soon,

Jessica x

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